Sunday, September 11, 2005


I was supposed to have a date with J on Friday. He wanted to take me out as a part of his plan to play backup to my Hero. Those plans got cancelled when his childcare fell through at the last minute. So of course I ended up going out with my Hero. I already had a babysitter in place, I didn't want to waste it. Just amusing that the night I planned to tell my Hero about CT, that CT just happened to be my sitter. He sometimes has my son spend the night when he has his kids for the weekend.

We hit up this club I had been hearing about for years and had never made it to. Something about a club under the ground gives it an interesting appeal. Not the "upscale" type I usually do. I liked it. Nice to have a change of pace. On the way there I told him that his intuition had been right about be sleeping with CT. I didn't go into details but I told him when, and how, and most importantly(at least to me) why I lied. As I expected, he completly understood. He said he'd always known and was pretty sure he knew why I lied about it. The conversation drifted off from there to the chain this had become: he and I, and CT and the other chick. It's amusing to us both; the entire chain of events is just plain amusing.

I told my Hero that the conversation was to remain between the two of us and of course he agreed. I have no doubt that it will. CT claims that my Hero has such a big mouth; he has no idea. There's plenty of stuff he could talk about if he wanted to, but he choses not to. He's not a malicious person just randomly spreading people's business. And he's so much like myself extroverted in appearance but introverted at second glance. Most people just don't take that second glance at him. I'm glad I did.


Blogger LivingSingle said...

I'm happy that everything worked out!! I know you let out a huge sigh of relief after you told him about you and a huge weight had been lifted.

12:19 AM  
Blogger Soul Searching said...

*I* breathed a sigh of relief after reading this!! lol Although not because you told, but because I was afraid your Hero would act out and I'm sooo glad he didn't! I bet you feel so much better not having that on your heart. :)

9:21 AM  
Blogger uzuri.afi said...

so when are you and hero getting together? Cause it seems like he is promising. Glad you kept it real with him. Sounds like you had a nice time I need to get out more myself. I hope all is well with you and that you are happy overall i been gone for a minute but i will try to keep up with your blog more often.

4:37 AM  

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